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The Door

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 I kept looking towards the Door, the door which opened up a huge volcanic turmoil inside my mind and heart. She never looked back after crossing the door, making an impression, it’s all over. I was unable to think a life after her, was unable to look at the obvious, life has come to a standstill. She is gone, so is the glimpse of chance which I had to win her back. She might not come back again and all the efforts I made to get her back will be null and void. More importantly she won’t be there. The traffic, the drive, the bad, the Biriyani shop, the late night parties, everything seems to have lost its meaning today. I kept looking towards the transparent door hoping she will turn back one last time, giving me the hope that there is more to life. She kept walking and my vision was getting a little hazy coz of the slight outburst of emotion, but still firmly rooted on her. She was at a good distance and my hope was lingering on very thin line by now, as if this end was inevitable. All I wanted to tell her was “I do love you” but then I have always been bad with expression and hence never could tell her these word with enough conviction.                                                  Image

She was about to reach the end of the hall after which she will just vanish, vanish into zone of no return. Mind said; its pack-up, heart said: hang on for that fraction of sec longer. While the ordeal between mind and heart was on going, I realized that she stopped. For the 1st time after entering through the door she paused and much to my surprise, she turned back. Her eyes searching for me with a belief that I am still around. And our eye’s meet, she smiled and vanished.

Life got a new meaning from that moment onwards. Hope had a new meaning.