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Mom and Dad: I love You

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Emotional
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How often you people tell your mom and dad that how much you love them, you care for them and miss them? For most of you it might be very often, for some it might be on special occasions, for others on and off. For me it has been 26 years and I have never told my parents specifically that “Mom and Dad: I love You”. May be coz I am not the expressive kind, I am pathetic when it comes to expression of feelings, but they always understand when I miss them and need them, they know how much dependent I am on them and they know how much I love them. So never really, felt the need to tell them.

I guess one does not need to express everything in words when it comes to parents. It’s been more than 8 year since I am out of home, all of my own. During the 4 years of engineering I still use to visit home almost 2-3 times a year. But after that it’s been mostly once a year, but I don’t see anything changing. My mom still thinks I am still the undisciplined kid when it comes to food, dad still gives me his invaluable lectures, especially regarding my bank balance. Nothing has really changed in the last 26 years when it comes to their approach towards me and probably my approach towards them.

There are thing that have changed though, they have grown old and I have gained certain level of maturity. Amidst this, there are few other critical changes too; Mom no longer gets curious when I get calls especially from girls. She won’t chase me if I say that I am going to meet some of the friends who eventually are girls. She does not mind me coming home late, now she even asks me directly if I have any girlfriend, something I could not have imagined 8 years back. And much to my disbelief she was not even surprised when my di told her that I am having beer in front of di and bro in law (something in our family younger siblings don’t do usually). Mom just made a sweet pass on that comment and said “aai sob ki bolche didibhai” (what is your elder sister saying!). Dad on the other hand has been consistent with his behaviour, if earlier he use to lecture me on my studies, now he does on my bank balance and savings. Dad has been always a get inspiration for me, simply the way he has lead his life and they way he has achieved everything in life. I do not think I can ever be as disciplined as he is even at this age regarding all sphere of life.

A friend of mine once told me that he is quitting his job in Mumbai and going back to Kolkata. I was slightly surprised and furious as in how can someone quite a good job with excellent growth prospect and go back to Kolkata and join a small comp. He told me that he might be getting good salary, his future prospect is bright here, he might be getting an on-site opportunity soon, but at the end of the day when he comes back home, he is not happy from within. So he has decided to choose happiness over money and growth. He said I know what I am capable off and I know I will do good in life, but for me doing good doesn’t mean earning in dollar’s, my priorities are different. That point of time I thought he has lost it, today I can understand what he meant. He knew his priorities; he knew what he was doing. Today he is working in a reputed IT firm and is happy eternally.

My dad is in his late 60ies, and he is not going to be any younger henceforth, given a chance I too would like to maximize my time with my parents today. They will not like to shift with me in Mumbai. It does not make any sense at all, after all it took dad so many year to build that house and he has lived all his life in Guwahati, at this age he will not like to resettle himself in an unknown city all over again. Moreover, I cannot go back to Guwahati for obvious reasons. Therefore, it leaves us with one option to meet each other once a year for few days, limiting our time with each other. I wonder is that time enough. I am not sure how much time actually is enough. However, I know this much that whatever time I have, I want to maximize it to the fullest. I do not want to end up regretting after 30 years from here, that I did not spend enough time with my parents, especially when I should have. Most often than not we tend to make this mistake, we get busy with our lives so much that we take things for granted easily. Then one fine end we realize our mistakes and it is often too late. In practical sense, it is not easy to balance everything; career, office, parents, friends, wife/gf, but happy man’s/woman’s are the ones who know the balancing art and execute it with ease.

Today I take this opportunity to tell my parents; “Mom and Dad: I love you”.  As I said before certain feeling do not require the expression of words but then there is no harm in it right? Whenever you get a chance, do express your love toward your parents  via which ever format you want, be it words or some other medium, can be anything but do express it. It will not only make your parents smile, it will make you feel happy from within.