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It was raining heavily in Bangalore, but that wasn’t a good excuse to drop out of Friend’s last bachelor’s party. I have never really looked forward to parties especially after a hectic week at work, but somehow even though I wasn’t really interested I still wanted to go and meet all old buddies.

Places like Pub/ Lounge has fascinated me somehow, there are many untold stories which are clouded in the dim, loud, energetic ambience. It’s always interesting to keep an eye on people behaviors and reaction. While some are purely chit chatting with friends, some are flirting, some are eyeing someone else, some are busy dancing on the tune of DJ, some are in group yet lonely, some are searching of answer as in why are they there and some are purely busy drinking. Interesting characters and every character has a story, untold unheard stories.

While I was navigating my eyes through the whole Lounge, something stuck me real bad. Someone has just decided to shower all the love on me; Yup couple of glasses of drinks were thrown down my back. I turned around to see a 5’2” tall, dressed in a lovely black suit, round face with a tiny mole on the left cheek, lovely big eyes with an embarrassed look and a realization that she has messed up big time, and those wonderful lips which were covered in light red lipstick uttering “Sorry” in an ever so lite tone, giving impressing as if she is saying sorry to herself only. For a second I forgot was has happened and kept looking at her, or should I say staring at her. Its not that she is drastically different than other beautiful girls I have meet, but there was something special about her, something divine, something beyond the looks, something that is beyond logical explanation. It’s only when her friend came and shouted “OHH My GOD” on top of her voice that I realized what actually has happened.  And Before I could actually say something, she spoke and the resonance of her voice is still stuck in my ear.

“ I am so sorry, I was just picking up the drink and was trying to go, when someone just hit me and I lost my balance and this happened”.

“I am extremely sorry”. I just kept staring at her for a while, before regaining sense.

Not sure if it would have been anyone else what my reaction would have been, but with her I just couldn’t be rude.

“Don’t worry, it happens. More than anything else your drink got wasted”. I replied with a smile.

“No that’s ok, but your shirt, I guess you will need to change, I spoiled your night”. She was extremely apologetic of her act, while I was still lost in those lovely eyes. And her friend’s constant blabbering was conveniently ignored by both of us.

Much to her amazement, I simple took off my shirt. Yeah for a second she was wondering what the hell is wrong with me, why I am taking of my shirt in public. But I am a smart ass, I was wearing a turtle neck black t-shirt inside, which though was wet, thanks to the drink, but since it was dark color, nothing would be noticeable, plus half the crowed was drunk to notice anything.

“Here is the solution to your problem. There is a saying in business always keep “Plan B” ready”. I replied to her with a wink.

And then when she smiled, it felt life is worth living, worth the episode, worth every bit of a second.

Smiling she said “I am sorry again and nice plan B”. I couldn’t utter a word; I was stuck by the lighting of her smile. As she started to walk off, there was this sinking feeling inside me which was saying something isn’t right. I had to do something to stop her and without thinking much, I said “Lady, my shirt is gone, so is your drink, why don’t we do a joint venture and you buy me a drink for loss of my shirt and I buy you a drink for loss of your drink”. I know I lost it completely there, wasn’t sure what the hell I was saying, but I had to prolong the conversation with her.

She stopped, looked at me with a lost expression, smiled and said “Ok”.

With that “Ok” began a small random friendship, I am cherishing since last couple of weeks. During this brief period even though I manage to meet her couple of time, got to know a little bit about her and her family and most importantly the fact the she already likes someone else and but obviously that person also likes her (Which fool won’t like a Gal like her) and few other stuff, but I couldn’t proceed from being a random acquaintance to being a decent enough friend. She use to reply to me always but it felt more as if she is replying coz she doesn’t want to be rude to anyone rather than someone who is interested in a conversation.

I don’t know why but for her I am always ready to go that extra mile, ready to do that extra bit, not sure why I keep looking at my phone checking if she is online or not, wishing that she text me, hoping she will ping me, weird as it may sound even after knowing the final result, this bloody heart have created a separate space for her.

All I can say I am enjoying the moment, its pains a lot, but I love the pain. It’s not the first time this has happened, but last time it took me time to start enjoying the pain. This time though right from the inception I am enjoying the pain associated with this feeling. All through my life, I never categorized my feeling as right or wrong, all I knew is if I feel for someone (which happens extremely rarely, this is just the 2nd time) I won’t let the feeling die just cause it didn’t converted into something materialistic. My feelings are not associated with the relation I share with the person. Hence while it might pain a little, I will continue to be the acquaintance I have been to her so far. And will continue to enjoy this pain and feeling.

Not all stories have an end :), this one especially won’t end so soon.