Sab kuch wahi hai…. Par kuch kami hai… teri Aahatein nahi hai!!!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Emotional

Was listening to the “Aahatein” song and was wondering why this particular line got stuck with me. There was some connection but was not sure what it was. Since last few weeks there was something missing, something which was not coming in front but I could feel it.

Every time I listened to the ‘Aahatein” song, I use to re play it only for this particular line. Yes everything in life is same, nothing has changed and nothing will change. In fact everything has been good and on track, but suddenly there was something that was missing, something that would have made the moment complete.

Success has no meaning if the reason behind it doesn’t exits any more. There were certain promises I made to someone sometime back and today when I have almost fulfilled all the promises, I can feel the void. One of the biggest reasons for the success somehow has got lost. The inspiration, the support, the believer that I can achieve it, is not there by my side. Yup Uski Aahatein nahi hai.

I wish I could once tell that person that I have achieve something which even I would not have imagined few years ago. It was the belief of that person, love and confidence in me that I have reached so far. Unfortunately I can never express to this person the feeling of mine. Just don’t want to complicate things for anyone hence I will never say directly. But if I can then via this post I would like to thank that person for everything he/she has done for me. Very less people has that impact on you that even after them not being with you in reality, you still feel their presence every min of your life.


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