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Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This post is about an interesting encounter someone had in twitter sometime back. Whether you believe in this story or not, is solely upto your discretion.  Do remember… “What we see might not always be true and what we don’t see doesn’t necessarily mean that it does not exist”.

Adi came to me few months back; he said he has an unusual story to tell. Ever since I have known him, all his stories have been unusual. Adi was a struggling writer, he wanted to make it big in the world of Cinema and television…he has written many scripts and mostly all has been rejected, so he always kept coming with his unique stories and I had to listen to his “similar” unique stories mostly.

However, that day was different, he came and rather than speaking about his new script or story idea, he told me that he has been talking to this female on twitter for some time now. For him it started as a normal regular conversation but slowly their likes and dislike matched, so did their creative interest. He also had spoken to her over phone couple of times and he kinda liked her voice and all. I was slightly amazed, coz it’s been more than 6 month now since Adi spoke to any strange girl, especially after the death of his girlfriend. He has been mentally disturbed since Piya died {one reason why I do not show any irritation to his constant emotional ranting}. He also has been visiting a psychiatrist on a regular basis, so I felt good that he might be coming in terms with life, and felt relieved for his parent’s, who has been dishing out a lot of money behind his medication and paying the hefty bill for the psychiatrist visits.

Then came the twist in the tale, he said after few telephonic conversation, they planned to meet each other one day. However, when he reached the address given by the girl, it turned out to be a church that was adjacent to a graveyard. When he called her up to figure out where she is, she asked him to come towards a particular graveyard. He did accordingly, only to find a dark road leading to the graveyard. He was a little scared as in it was extremely dark and dead silent, he did manage to gather his courage and move on with help from his mobile. As he went closer toward the graveyard, he could see some light few meters away, he decided to move toward the direction of light. While walking, all he could hear was his own footstep, his own breath and nothing else, in fact apart from that particular slight of light everything else was dark black. As he moved closer, his mobile died on him. His only other source of light in that dark grave yard was no longer with him, and left him with no other option then to find out his girl. He kept moving toward the direction of light shouting her name, but there was no response from anyone. After walking few meters, he again shouted her name, and it seems this time she replied. He started running towards the direction of the sound from where he heard her, as he wanted to rich there faster but suddenly he stopped and started running back toward the direction from where he came.

By this time I could see him sweating badly, I offered him some cold water and coke to chill-out. He then told me that when he went closer towards her, he could see a female sitting near the graveyard with her back toward him, when he went a little closer and she turned around at him and smiled…………after that all he did was he run as fast as he can toward the direction from where he came in…

Now that’s odd, for me the whole story was a fake imaginative stuff, I mean after all he is a creative nerd and I have heard many of this wired stories, this one sounded no different.. However, I could not tell him that on his face. So, when I asked for explanation he just told me that he will die in few days’ time. That sounded even more wired to me, die in few days’ time.. so that female was some god’s angel or something… what the crap, probably my practical sense did not allow me to take any of his word seriously, even his death sentence.

He also told me that the female was not for real, it seems she never existed… after that meeting he could not retrieved any information about her. It seems all her tweets were deleted, her phone number was wrong, her messages were not there, her fb a/c page was not there.. so much so that when he asked other common follower about her, it seems no one ever interacted with her.. All these details scared me a bit, after all I just saw karthik calling karthik.. could this be another similar case… well I was very sure about that fact that the whole story is his imagination and a world he created.. till the time when I got the news that he died…

I was shocked and was told by his parents that during the last few months, all the time, he kept telling them that he will die.. he will die soon… they tried doing every bit to save him, and he did show sign of improvement.. he behaved very normally but on and off would tell them that they should not try and spend too much money on him or have false hope that he will survive.

He eventually died, and with him died some unanswered question, did he actually meet any such woman? Was everything his imagination? Could this be because he was mentally unstable and have previously attempted suicide? Why did he felt he will die, as per him she just smiled at him, did the girl he meet at the graveyard actually told him anything? How could everything get deleted? I am sure there would some record something? And why didn’t I ask him the name of the girl, he never mentioned and I never asked? Was she a ghost? Do ghost actually exits? How do you know the person you are interacting with on any social networking site is actually real? What if one fine day you get to know that the person you have been speaking too all this while is dead since a long time? Will anyone believe you that you actually spoke to that person, even if you are speaking the truth? Does our practical sense prevents us from thinking the unimaginative? Too many questions, whose ans I don’t think anyone has, if you have, drop me a line…..

  1. Really sorry about your friend, but I have to believe that the “interaction” he had with the apparent lady online may just have been a figment of his imagination. As for ghosts, I can’t say I’m a disbeliever i.e I believe some supernatural powers do exist but they’re nothing as they have come to be known in popular media.

    • cosmobong says:

      Thanks for your comment… I guess the world of imagination is not bounded by the practical thoughts…. even i don’t believe in Ghost as such 🙂
      it was just a thought 🙂

  2. Dhiman says:

    This sounds very filmy and I am absolutely sure this is a figment of your imagination….don’t tell me that this really happened!!!!

  3. rav says:

    Hey. Just a random person reading your imagination!

    now keep guessing if I exist for real!! 😉

  4. Charu says:

    Sau, I actually thought this was real…u ***…:( actually stupid me…never seen this sight of yours

  5. Aakriti says:

    Good one… had me gripped throughout – never really believed it… but checked for the fiction tag just to make sure 😉

  6. Aditi says:

    Well, Very nice story .. I am sure its straight out of your “passion for writing” . Will catch up with your other posts soon. Now i know that this is an old post so i will catch up with your latest ones soon
    Till then stay connected.

    • cosmobong says:

      Hey Aditi, thanks for visiting and your generous words. Its more of random stories I keep scripting on and off…. not the perfect kinda stuff 🙂

      Saurangshu 🙂

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