Some Love Stories are known for their Incompleteness

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Happy Anniversary dear,  You liked the Dress I kept on the table”

“Happy Anniversary, Yeah it is nice, will wear it in the evening party, thank you. Hope your flight is on time, you know na party starts sharp at 10:00”.

“Yup I have boarded the flight and it seems to be on time, In fact here comes the announcement to switch off the cell, will call you once I am back, bye.. Happy Anniversary once again”

“ok Safe journey, bye.. Come soon”.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of our marriage, one of the best thing that has happened to me. Never really imagined that God would be so kind to me and would gift me with such a wonderful wife… its been a journey worth every minute of it…

She has an uncanny neck of understanding everything even before me uttering a word, by just looking in my eyes she will know what exactly it is…

Everything seemed perfect minus the guilt that I have carried deep inside my heart for the last 5 years.  It’s dangerous how sometime our inner most wish comes true and hits us in turn.  At time knowingly or unknowingly we wish for something and when it does come true, we end up realizing that it was probably a wish not worth wishing for.

I have known Ria for close to about 8 years now… still remember the day when we meet at my friend’s place, we chatted like anything. It was the time when I was trying to leave behind my past and move on in life and she was planning for her PhD. As destiny or whatever it is called have it, we ended up being on the same city, my new job and her new college… life seemed to be on track with her company.. somehow I was able to move on in life minus the past memories and thoughts.. she filled my life with new gist and excitement…  and somehow I allowed myself to be moved away by her warmth and love..slowly but surely she occupied the important spot in my heart which was void for sometime now..often people term the whole feeling as “falling in love”..

I didn’t let her know about my feelings .. I wanted to take my time and not rush into it unlike last time… But as faith will have it, when I thought its the right time to tell her, she introduced me to her Boyfriend…

So that was it, end of another incomplete love story of mine, I suppressed my feeling and continued to be her good friend…never allowed my feeling come in between our friendship. Was a tough job, but I managed well… But every time her Boyfriend would come, or she would speaks to him.. somehow not sure why but one side of my heart use to wish that something should happen and they should have a break-off, or the guy might die before the marriage and I will end up marrying her.. something should happen.. though soon the other side of me use to interfere and like a good chap use to say I should not be thinking like that, so mean of me and similar stuff… and mostly my heart use to end up been a sandwich between such thoughts…

But I guess deep down I always wished that I could have her in my life as my life partner, in the process I use to end up wishing bad things for the guy…. Deep down somewhere, I always use to wish that something should happen, something that will ensure that this time my love doesn’t fail… and one fine day my deep desire came true… my deepest wish was granted……  The guy died in an unfortunate event…

Ria did not broke down, she has always been a strong woman.. her love towards him was so deep that even death or probably my dark deep wish, couldn’t knock it off …. He lived in her heart forever.. she never cried, never complained, surely she was hurt and was in a state of shock, but she never expressed her feeling to anyone, not even to me, but I knew her, her eyes told me the whole story… I knew what she is been going through, I know her..

She always told me that no one can replace him and his love, I still remember she said “love is not just about the physical presence, there is more to it, something which is so divine that even if the person physically is not there, you still feel the warmth”… true that is, may be my love is not that pure, or may be it is, but probably the greed inside me forced me to wish something so dread full… I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is… deep inside I am guilty of a crime which knowingly or unknowingly I committed.

We eventually got Married; she has been a wonderful wife, understanding, adjusting, have taken care of both my family and hers with equal ease.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better companion… but still the love is missing.. the love that I saw in her eye for the guy, the love that I always wanted to see in her eye for me… but I have accepted the role of a best friend…She always loved me, even though as a friend only, but she did.. I am her best friend first and husband later…. I wish one day I could get rid of the inner albatross of the wish which unknowingly I wished…   I Wish one day I can see the same love in her eye, which I always wanted to see….

Some love stories are known for their incompleteness… both mine and Ria’s love story is one such..

  1. priayanka says:

    whats incomplete is not complete yet…!!
    nice post..!! like the title..!!

  2. cosmobong says:

    Thanks for your Comment pri.. iske liye tumhe extra gift aaj 😀

  3. Sharbari says:

    Well I dint know that you are a great story writer as well… keep it up friend!

  4. Vishnu says:

    Kyaa baat ha yaar, amazing ya, i like both good work, waiting for the next one 🙂

  5. Dhiman says:

    Am totally blown over Bhai….. am now going to be a follower of your blog i promise… never did i realize during all this time that my brother had such profound thinking!!!!

  6. Bastab Chakraborty says:

    Good one bro! Carry up the good work!
    Welcome to Blogging world! 🙂

  7. Shriti says:

    Really good one Pinak…….
    every time u have some thing new in ur stories……
    i really Njoy all of these…. hoping for more lovely ones like this…… 🙂

  8. Jayesh says:

    well, i really didn’t know you had such deep thoughts. keep it up bro. looking forward for the next story 🙂

  9. Bad Looser says:

    touching… really enjoyed reading it…

  10. Nikhil says:

    hey you!! nice read. thanks for posting it. 🙂

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